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New Zealand sites

Diabetes Auckland

Has a link to Diabetes Youth Auckland and also now has an online version of their newsletter, DYA Press

Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association (DESA)

A link to the New Zealand arm of the International group DESA – Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association.

Diabetes New Zealand

Website of Diabetes New Zealand, which acts as the national advocate for people affected by diabetes.

Local Diabetes Youth Societies around New Zealand

Contact details for local diabetes youth support groups.

Kids Health

From the Starship Foundation/Paediatric Society NZ. Go to diabetes under conditions tests and treatments A-Z. This is a very comprehensive and easy to follow site which talks about both Type 1 and Type 2 in detail as well as:

New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes

NZSSD is an incorporated society that is open to people involved in the care of people with diabetes. It is the national advisory body on scientific and clinical diabetes care and standards.

Stop Diabetes

Information about the Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Trial being conducted by the Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre (DVDC)

Sick Days


International sites

About Kids Health

A Toronto based site developed by health professionals, medical writers, illustrators, animators and designers to provide a comprehensive, interactive and accessible resource for families with Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

American Diabetes Association
Children with diabetes – Mailing list for parents
Children with diabetes – Online forums
Children with diabetes – type 2 diabetes

CWD has now added a comprehensive section on Type 2, which is by far the most common type of diabetes accounting for over 90% of all cases. Once known as ‘adult onset’, this term is no longer used as Type 2 is on the rise in ALL age groups, including children.

Children with diabetes – type 2 diabetes

The online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes. This incredible website offers everything to the diabetes community. It is worth regularly checking for updates, and makes it easy by sending a free newsletter to anyone who subscribes.

CWD Support Groups

Children with Diabetes has several e-mail lists that help provide support and news to people living with diabetes. Check them out.

Diabetes Kids and Teens

A Diabetes New South Wales resource, this site provides comprehensive information on Type 1 diabetes for kids and teens, parents and carers, teachers and health professionals plus information on research, advocacy, a handy diabetes dictionary and heaps more.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Australia)
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (US)
The Diabetes Online Community

This page has a list of blogs written by parents of children with diabetes – get a glimpse into other parents’ lives as they cope (or don’t!) with their children’s diabetes.

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For 20-somethings with diabetes

Six Until Me

A blog written by a twenty-something woman living with T1 diabetes. Quite funny sometimes – her new diabetic vocab includes ‘rag

Type 1 diabetes network

The Type 1 Diabetes Network is an Australian organisation of people with Type 1 Diabetes, founded in 1997, which provides support, information and a voice for the
Type 1 community.

They are a volunteer-run registered charity and an incorporated association with a management committee, all personally effected by
Type 1 Diabetes.

Their new website contains

  • More than 300 pages of stories and articles all about Type 1 diabetes
  • Health Professionals section full of resources
  • Revamped Starter Kit for newly-diagnosed adults
  • Polls and Forums to keep abreast of what people with Type 1 are talking about today
  • Blog and comment option – Add your comments and read live responses to our stories and articles
  • YouTube Channel – with our pick of videos about Type 1 Diabetes, with more to come…