2017 John McLaren Youth Awards



Applications for the 2017 John McLaren Youth Awards are open from the 1st August 2017 to 15th September 2017.

To be eligible to enter the 2017 John McLaren Youth Awards, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

– be aged 25 years old or under as at 15th September 2017
– be diagnosed with diabetes, and
– be a financial member of either DYNZ, Diabetes NZ, or a local diabetes society.

 A letter acknowledging current society membership must be included with each application.

How to enter
Entry into the 2017 John McLaren Youth Awards is simple. Complete the application form and attach two written references that support your application for the Awards. You must also attach the letter of membership from your diabetes society.
Your written references should come from people who are familiar with your achievements to date and the goal or event you will use the funding for, for example: your coach, teacher, tutor, doctor, or diabetes nurse.

John McLaren Application 2017

Completed applications can be uploaded as a single PDF file, using the following naming convention [applicant name]_[applicant last name].pdf on the submission form below:

      [wordpress_file_upload uploadpath=”/uploads/mclaren_applications/” fitmode=”responsive” uploadpatterns=”*.pdf” maxsize=”20″ createpath=”true” placements=”userdata/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/message” widths=”plugin:18cm” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”__Applicant|t:text|s:right|r:1|a:0|p:inline|d:/__Email|t:email|s:right|r:1|a:0|v:1|p:inline|d:|g:0/__Retype email|t:confirmemail|s:right|r:1|a:0|p:inline|g:0″]