2015 Family Conference

2015 Youth Family Conference 20-22 March, Rutherford Hotel in Nelson  DYNZ is happy to announce that our next conference is 20-22 March in Sunny Nelson! This years conference is a going to be geared towards a complete learning and sharing experience. We are working towards a conference similar to IDF, where there will be a myriad of breakout sessions. These sessions will be geared towards different age groups and speakers will range from Professionals, Parents, those with Diabetes.  This conference is much different than anything we’ve ever done, and we hope it offers every family the opportunity to learn and connect. Save the Dates on your calendars and check back here and on our Facebook page for updates and registration details!!


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Event Programme 

Youth Conference Programme

Confirmed Speakers (26/2/2015)


 nurse2 Gilli Lewis Clinical Nurse Specialist at Capital and Coast DHB, Gilli looks after patients from 0-12 years old. She will be speaking together with Kirsty Newton to deliver a talk on transitions between clinics and schools.
 Kristy Kirsty Newton Clinical Nurse Specialist at Capital and Coast DHB, Kirsty looks after patients from 13-25 years old. She will be speaking together with Gilli Lewis to deliver a talk on transitions between clinics and schools.
grant-schofield Professor Grant Schofield Grant Schofield is a Professor of Public Health at AUT and a director of the university’s Potential Centre. Grant will be speaking on how a low carb/high fat diet can affect diabetes.
Steph McKenzie Steph McKenzie

Steph McKenzie, is a cyclist who represents NZ. She is a 2014 Commonwealth Games representative and a Team Novo Nordisk athlete. Steph is 22 years old and was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes at age 8. She will speak about her journey as an athlete and how she manages with her Diabetes.


 wendy hunter  Dr. Wendy Hunter
Wendy Hunter graduated from Otago University in 1995, and then went onto to complete specialist paediatric training Starship hospital, including a fellowship and research in diabetes and endocrinology. She has been a consultant paediatrician at Nelson-Marlborough DHB since 2005. Wendy enjoys working with children and families with diabetes in Marlborough and adolescents in Nelson. Dr. Hunter  will be speaking on how to get the most out of your child’s doctor appointments.
 Jill Julian  Jill Julian  Jill is a nurse with the Nelson Diabetes Service. She works collaboratively in both the adult and paediatric clinics. Jill will be speaking with Dr. Wendy hunter on who to get the most out of your child’s doctor appointments.
Jinny Willis Dr. Jinny Willis Dr Jinny Willis is a clinical scientist in the Lipid and Diabetes Research Group based at Christchurch Hospital.  Her research interests include the epidemiology, immunology of type 1 diabetes and the genetic basis of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  Jinny maintains the incidence register for type 1 diabetes in Canterbury children and adolescents, recording all new presentations of the disease in individuals under 20 years of age from 1970 to the present day.  She is also co-ordinating the Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet studies in New Zealand.  Jinny is an executive member of the National Clinical Network for Children and Young People with Diabetes. Jinny will be speaking about the latest TrialNet studies in New Zealand.
 dan h Dan Howarth
Dan is currently a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Waitemata DHB, within the inpatient setting.  He has been a CNS for 9 years. Initially in his hometown of Manchester, before moving to Auckland to be part of a developing young adult clinic.  Here he grew the role and capability and turned the clinic into a service. Alongside his team it became nationally regarded, and Dan also represented the service at an international level.  After three years Dan moved back to Europe and completed a one year contract working for the International Diabetes Federation – providing diabetes education to health professionals in low and middle income countries aswell as managing a global education programme and several initiatives within Africa. In conjunction with his current role, Dan has a private practice which is the funding behind his volunteering overseas, in which providing diabetes education on insulin and its management to service that are lacking support.
Dan will be presenting in two sessions – both focus on deal with diabetes through the teenage years but each from a perspective of the person with diabetes and form the parents/whanau. How everyone within the home can deal with diabetes.
 Julie Hancox Julie Hancox Julie is the founder of Assistance Dogs NZ Trust. She will be speaking on how they train dogs for those with disabilities. You can find out more here. http://www.assistancedogstrust.org.nz/
 ProfileShot-Jacqui Jacqui van Blerk  Jacqui van Blerk is a parent of a T1 little girl and is a committee member of both DYNZ and Diabetes NZ Auckland Youth. Jacqui will be discussing how to work with your school on completing the Teacher Aid and High Health Need forms. Jacqui will also be speaking about Night Scout which  is an open source, DIY project that allows real time access to a Dexcom G4 CGM from web browsers via smartphones, computers, tablets, and the Pebble smartwatch. The goal of the project is to allow remote monitoring of the T1D’s glucose level using existing monitoring devices.
 Madison Madison Johnson  Madison was one of the 2014 winners of the John McLaren Youth Awards. Madison won under the Academic Achievement category. Madison will speak about her achievements so far in life and how having Type 1 Diabetes has spurred her on to work towards a double major at the University of Auckland.  You can read more about both our McLaren Award winners here. http://www.diabetesyouth.org.nz/diabetes-youth-awards/
 Hamish Hamish Beadle
Hamish, is 16 years old and has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 3 years old. He am a cyclist, involved in both track and road cycling and his immediate goal is to make the NZ Junior Worlds Track Cycling team. The John McLaren Award has helped him with coaching costs and equipment on his journey towards trying to achieve his goal. Hamish will be speaking about his achievements as a Type 1 and as one of our 2014 McLaren Award Winners. 
 craig  Craig Sumpton
Craig has an 18 year old daughter with type 1 and has been involved with DYA for 11 years and has seen the trials and tribulations of a Type 1 teenager. He is currently the Chairperson for Diabetes youth Auckland and also sits on the Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch committee and North Island regional council. Craig is a committed volunteer and continues to make a difference to the lives of families living with Type 1 Diabetes. Craig will be speaking about his daughters journey with diabetes and depression, offering insights as to what they experienced and how they worked through such difficulty.
 Dr edward  Dr. Edward Saravolac Edward Saravolac.  Dr. Edward Saravolac is a biotechnologist and is the Head of Product Development at Diatranz Otsuka Ltd (www.dolglobal.com). DOL is an Auckland based biotechnology company specializing in Xenotransplantation (the transplantation of tissues from animal species into humans). Edward leads a team of scientists developing  DIABECELL a novel living cell treatment for Type 1 diabetes.  The encapsulated  pancreas islets in DIABECELL are derived from disease free Auckland Island pigs.  Edward will be speaking on What DIABECELL is, how it is made and why it is safe for clinical investigation.

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